What a journey it has been!

This class has been a great learning journey in so many ways. The idea of doing a learning project has been a great experience. I liked the choice that this “assignment” provided us with. It was amazing to be able to pick something that interested us and go for it. You can literally learn anything on the internet! I used Youtube for most of my learning project, I also used a website that had a short course about brush lettering and I also used Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

As you know I did brush lettering for my final project. About half-way through I thought that maybe I needed to switch because I wasn’t super inspired by the idea anymore. I started looking online and decided that there isn’t much else to do once I knew how to do the brush lettering but there were several ways in which I could demonstrate my learning. So I did!

I started my Learning Project by simply practicing. Each day I tried different kinds of letter in my scrap book. This helped me learn the technique.

Here are my blog posts related to my first few attempts at brush lettering.





For another aspect of my learning project I learned how to do water color. This was a fun experience because I always wish I could paint but was never really good at it. Water color, I think, looks better without the harsh lines. I really loved doing water color and using the different colors and decide what looks good together. I tried doing some mountains once but was a little embarrassed by what it looked like. That is something that I could work on a little bit. Here are my blog post related to working with water color.



Next I learned the dreaded Adobe Photoshop. This is the hardest part and actually set me back a lot in my plans for the Learning Project. I wanted to do more with wood working but unfortunately the photoshop was much more difficult that I anticipated. Even though that it was a super difficult thing to learn I was really proud of myself for being able to accomplish something that was VERY out of my comfort zone.

My final product that I decided to do for my learning project was wood working. This was also out of my comfort zone but now I think it is something that I want to learn more about! It was fun to learn how to cut wood by myself after asking my dad to do it for me for so many years. I think it was exciting to see my final product for this and I am looking into making more. Something that I actually wanted to put forth for my Learning Project was wood cut into mountains, stained different colors with a quote on it. This is something that I am going to do next as something to further my learning of wood working.

Overall this was a great learning experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with this class. I felt very supported by everyone involved. This is definitely something that I will take into my life as a teacher in encouraging students to take their interests and working on personal learning experiences! I definitely was out of my comfort zone most of this project as you can see in my post but especially my first one! I think it is important to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things even if you think you may not be successful!



Taking my Learning Project to the Next Level!

So I wanted to do more wood projects with my learning project but wasn’t able to get to it before the end of the semester due to my photoshop crisis!

My learning project has allowed me to really step outside of my comfort zone and try some new things! For my last learning project idea I decided to learn to cut wood, stain and put my brush lettering onto it. My dad is a talented wood-worker and has all the tools available at my farm. It was an exciting experience to be able to use new tools. I always wanted to learn how to use these tools but never really took the chance to learn.

This was quite terrifying! I am not entirely sure what they are called but these are some pictures of the tools that I used to quite the wood into a shape that I wanted it.

Here is a quick video of how I decided to show this aspect of my learning project:


I finally did it!

Well I finally did it! It wasn’t easy but I managed to figure out Adobe Photoshop!

I was pretty proud of myself that I finally figured it out. I figured it out mainly from Youtube videos but received a quick tip from a friend that helped me out as well.My friend helped me realized that I needed to use an additional Adobe Illustrator to help me out with my project that I was trying to do. I also watched videos on Adobe Illustrator to help me out.

Now, from my final project that I will show you, it  really doesn’t look like much. The photograph was taken of a sunset just outside of my front door at my farm in Southwest Saskatchewan. I was able to do some photoshop magic on this as well. I made the picture warmer with putting some more red color in it. I think that this really brighten up my picture a lot. I also added the black marks that look like birds in the picture.

Now for the hard part! This is the short version of what I did: I took my brush lettering from a piece of paper, took a picture, used AirDrop to put it on my computer and put it on Adobe Illustrator. I then had to use trace icon that took my brush lettering picture from a white background to just the lettering. I then had to put it on my desktop, take that and put it on my picture on Adobe Photoshop. I had some fun with changing the lettering. It could be a variety of colors and design but thought black looked the best.

Here is the final product!

This took me way longer than I expected or wanted to spend on it. I was glad that I stuck with it because I was happy with the final product. Although I am not too fond of how my brush lettering looks like, I don’t think that was the learning in this particular part in my learning project. I think that Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are great things to learn but aren’t very user friendly. It took me a long time to learn and even then I resorted to getting someone to actually show me certain things to move me along with my learning. I am excited that I learned how to use these particular tools and hope to continue my learning with them for other things!


I’m on Youtube!

Here is what I have been exploring with so far with my Learning Project.

I am watching some videos on how to use Photoshop and really struggling with it. I am getting really frustrated with it; it is way more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I feel like it is taking over my life! I would really like to know how to use it for other purposes as well so it is useful.

Another thing that I am going to try once I figure out Photoshop is to use some other materials to use my brush lettering on. I found something cool on Instagram with using wood and white pens to put brush lettering on. I think that is my next focus with my Learning Project.

I have also been practicing everything. This is a canvas piece I made with melted crayons and brush lettering.


Watercolour Fun!

So.. I haven’t posted about my Learning Project for a while but I have a good reason! I have been trying out some different ways to presenting my Learning Project. I haven’t figured out anything that I like quite yet to post on here! I have been playing around with photoshop so that I can put quotes on some photography of mine. I have also been looking at stop motion videos to maybe try something like that.

In the mean time I have still been practicing my brush lettering. Something that I find really fun lately is watercolour. I tried a little bit by myself just playing around with colours and blending. Then I decided that maybe I should learn some specific watercolour techniques. This video helped me a lot with how to actually painting with watercolours.

I have also continued with practicing my brush lettering and different hand lettering on my online class.

Here are a few of the things I have been working on!

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have something new to show you. Stay tuned!


It is just not cutting it..

This week and mainly consisted of just more practice. I was able to get some more supplies. I got some watercolors because I think that this would help in giving me some more challenging aspects to work with.


For some of the hand lettering that I did this week, a few are done free-hand, and to be honest I am not very happy with how it is looking. I feel like what I am doing right now, by just copying pictures, it is not allowing me to truly learn how to do it. The Youtube video’s that I am watching are also not cutting it. I can watch what the people are doing but it is still copying just as I would if I were looking at a picture. So I did some more research and actually found a class on a website. You watch videos as a part of a class (it’s done at your own pace, no deadlines), BUT you also get worksheets to use to help with practice. The website is called Printable Crush and this is the link for the class.

Here is what I practiced this week!

These are done without copying.

img_3968 img_3967

These are done with copying.

img_3965 img_3969 img_3966

Stay tuned until next week!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

I have to say that I am very proud of myself this week. My learning project has become something that I can’t wait to do each day. I am so excited to do a hand-lettering pictures and send it to my friends and family! Here is what I did this week!


So this week I did a different picture each week. I tried to use a few different kinds of lettering and backgrounds. I am just copying it from pictures that I have seen on Instagram and Pinterest. The profiles on Instagram that have been helping me out are @carolettering and @Lettering_With_Positivity.

I have also been watching several Youtube videos, the channels that I have been watching I mentioned in my last blog post. I am watching them and practicing just letters of the alphabet just like I did last week. I found a sheet that is actually like printing sheets, which I am practicing the letters in different fonts over and over again. It is definitely becoming easier. My goal for the end of the semester is to be able to do some of this free hand without having to copy from a picture.

I have also been researching some different tools that can be used for hand lettering. Lately I have been using just a pencil, Crayola markers and crayons. I have been looking at different water-color pens and brush pens, which I think will help me succeed in learning the proper techniques. I will be buying some supplies later this week and I will post about them!

My goal for the next week is to stay on track with what I am doing right now, hand-lettering everyday and practicing the alphabet in different fonts. I also want to bring in some sort of new media. I think I will try some watercolor!

Stay tuned!