What a journey it has been!

This class has been a great learning journey in so many ways. The idea of doing a learning project has been a great experience. I liked the choice that this “assignment” provided us with. It was amazing to be able to pick something that interested us and go for it. You can literally learn anything on the internet! I used Youtube for most of my learning project, I also used a website that had a short course about brush lettering and I also used Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

As you know I did brush lettering for my final project. About half-way through I thought that maybe I needed to switch because I wasn’t super inspired by the idea anymore. I started looking online and decided that there isn’t much else to do once I knew how to do the brush lettering but there were several ways in which I could demonstrate my learning. So I did!

I started my Learning Project by simply practicing. Each day I tried different kinds of letter in my scrap book. This helped me learn the technique.

Here are my blog posts related to my first few attempts at brush lettering.





For another aspect of my learning project I learned how to do water color. This was a fun experience because I always wish I could paint but was never really good at it. Water color, I think, looks better without the harsh lines. I really loved doing water color and using the different colors and decide what looks good together. I tried doing some mountains once but was a little embarrassed by what it looked like. That is something that I could work on a little bit. Here are my blog post related to working with water color.



Next I learned the dreaded Adobe Photoshop. This is the hardest part and actually set me back a lot in my plans for the Learning Project. I wanted to do more with wood working but unfortunately the photoshop was much more difficult that I anticipated. Even though that it was a super difficult thing to learn I was really proud of myself for being able to accomplish something that was VERY out of my comfort zone.

My final product that I decided to do for my learning project was wood working. This was also out of my comfort zone but now I think it is something that I want to learn more about! It was fun to learn how to cut wood by myself after asking my dad to do it for me for so many years. I think it was exciting to see my final product for this and I am looking into making more. Something that I actually wanted to put forth for my Learning Project was wood cut into mountains, stained different colors with a quote on it. This is something that I am going to do next as something to further my learning of wood working.

Overall this was a great learning experience and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share it with this class. I felt very supported by everyone involved. This is definitely something that I will take into my life as a teacher in encouraging students to take their interests and working on personal learning experiences! I definitely was out of my comfort zone most of this project as you can see in my post but especially my first one! I think it is important to step out of your comfort zone and learn new things even if you think you may not be successful!



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