Online Social Activism: Let’s Find a Balance


I believe that the internet has open up a lot of doors when it comes social issues, whether it is to get the news across, help those in needs or stand up for those in turmoil. I think with everything we always need to be critical of what we are reading and how we respond to it. I look on Facebook at times and there are people having heated arguments over the craziest things like what to eat for supper or how to raise their child “properly.”There are also new campaigns everyday that are put in place to bring awareness over the social issues surrounding us. What I am getting at is that The internet can be used in positive and negative ways. I would like to talk a bit about both, I will start with the negative and end with the positive.

Social media and social activism within that, can become a slippery slope. I think that this goes along with Digital Citizenship and in teaching everyone the use of social media is positive ways. In class we talked about the ASL challenge that was all over social media a few years ago. It was great but people would do that challenge and not send in the money. So pouring ice water over your head became a form of attention rather than going towards a useful cause. I think that there are a lot of people that think they are being an activist by simple sharing something. Although this is wonderful that you can share something and for it to be seen by a whole new group of people, we may not seen the importance of also taking this activism elsewhere.

As for the positive side we see that the Internet is great in connecting people as we have seen throughout this course with our Professional Learning Network. Those working towards equality and change for groups of people can work together in completely different parts of the world. This is great! There are challenges and information that go viral on social media that can bring awareness that i don’t think was possible before.

I do believe that online social activism is a positive thing in today’s society. I think that we must find a balance in how we use social media and activism. We need to have conversations about it so that people realize that social activism is only meaningful when it is done in positive and useful ways. I think balance is key. To ensure that we are making meaningful connections between online social activism and “real-life” activism, to make sure our online actions align with our offline actions and to help people understand this as well.

I think that this video would be great to use with students!



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