Creating a Professional Learning Network

How have I helped others in the class? This question scares me a little bit. I come to this class with very little knowledge about a lot of the technology that we have used. I also had a very weak social networking system. So how would I be able to help others? I wouldn’t say I was the most helpful in terms of helping my peers with technological problems but I knew that I could be helpful in other ways such as using encouraging words and providing them with resources. BUT I have my strengths and I still have things to work on.

So a strength of mine was helping my peers with their learning journey would definitely be Twitter. I became more and more involved with Twitter as the semester went on. There are were a fews times in other classes that I would remember a resource I saw on Twitter or shared on Twitter that became useful to me. I think that I grew a lot with Twitter and is something that was my go to in order to help my peers. I was able to talk to peers about their learning projects and share resources back a forth. Although I was only able to take part in #saskedchat one Thursday due to other commitments, it is something that I will definitely try to do more often as a practicing teacher.

Reading, reading and more reading. Reading those blog post somedays took me so long to do. I really enjoyed reading what my peers were doing for their Learning Projects as well as their thoughts for the weekly blog posts. I was often inspired to write my own blog posts after reading through some on the blog hub. I tried to comment on as many blog post as I could throughout the week. I was commenting on blog post but some were more meaningful than other. Here are a few of conversations or post that I felt like I contributed to the learning of others in my class.

The Google Community was something that is something I could have been a part of more. I will explain why I wasn’t. I checked it quite often and would read through the discussions but I often couldn’t help answer those questions. I ask a few questions of my own that I hope helped other people continue on throughout the course.

So throughout my own learning journey I do believe that I helped others in the ways that I could help. The idea of helping each through the aspects of this class such as Twitter,  the Google Community and the blog posts was amazing. I think that it created a community of people even though most of the people I have never met in person, which I think is pretty great. This part of the course really reinforced the importance of Professional Learning Networks in teaching. Teaching is such a collaborative profession in which we are always working with people whether it is other teachers, students, Educational Assistants and other professional. I think that learning to ask for help, sharing resources and being a life-long learner is an important aspect to being an amazing teacher.



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