I finally did it!

Well I finally did it! It wasn’t easy but I managed to figure out Adobe Photoshop!

I was pretty proud of myself that I finally figured it out. I figured it out mainly from Youtube videos but received a quick tip from a friend that helped me out as well.My friend helped me realized that I needed to use an additional Adobe Illustrator to help me out with my project that I was trying to do. I also watched videos on Adobe Illustrator to help me out.

Now, from my final project that I will show you, it  really doesn’t look like much. The photograph was taken of a sunset just outside of my front door at my farm in Southwest Saskatchewan. I was able to do some photoshop magic on this as well. I made the picture warmer with putting some more red color in it. I think that this really brighten up my picture a lot. I also added the black marks that look like birds in the picture.

Now for the hard part! This is the short version of what I did: I took my brush lettering from a piece of paper, took a picture, used AirDrop to put it on my computer and put it on Adobe Illustrator. I then had to use trace icon that took my brush lettering picture from a white background to just the lettering. I then had to put it on my desktop, take that and put it on my picture on Adobe Photoshop. I had some fun with changing the lettering. It could be a variety of colors and design but thought black looked the best.

Here is the final product!

This took me way longer than I expected or wanted to spend on it. I was glad that I stuck with it because I was happy with the final product. Although I am not too fond of how my brush lettering looks like, I don’t think that was the learning in this particular part in my learning project. I think that Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are great things to learn but aren’t very user friendly. It took me a long time to learn and even then I resorted to getting someone to actually show me certain things to move me along with my learning. I am excited that I learned how to use these particular tools and hope to continue my learning with them for other things!



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