Teaching Philosophy

I am a compassionate and enthusiastic educator. Everyday these attributes will be present in my classroom to make a positive impact on all of my students.

All students are unique and dynamic individuals. All students come to school with different backgrounds, abilities and interests. Although I know this will be a challenge, I intend to adapt my teaching and planning around the different needs of students.

For my classroom I intend to have a respectful and inclusive environment. Students need this comment feeling in the classroom so they are able to take risks in their learning and to advance their learning. I believe it is important for students to make mistakes, troubleshoot and grow from that. As a teacher, I believe that the classroom is a place of reciprocity. I expect to learn about much as my students do. We are on a learning journey together, I want to provide a safe and harmonious climate for all students. I believe the classroom should be an inclusive environment so that all students are able to shine in their own individual talents. To do so, I intend to have open conversations as a group and promote relationships between all individuals through working together on projects, and supporting each other in times of need. For children who may come from different cultural backgrounds, I will provide items in the classroom that they can identify with so they will feel represented in the classroom as well as the content that it taught.

I realize that I am a strong influence in the lives of my students. As a teacher I will provide a good examples for my students so they can become moral and competent individuals. As an educator I am passionate about nurturing creativity in the classroom. I want students to feel competent in their abilities both academically and socially. My students will feel respected and loved by me as their teacher as well as their peers. If issues arise like bullying, or exclusion they will be addressed immediately. I want to encourage a love of learning for all students and to do so I must find what my students are interested in. I believe in taking advantage of teachable moment that I will experience in my classroom and to be flexible in terms of where my students take the learning process.

Young people are curious and as a teacher I want to take their curiosity and allow them to explore. I think it is important to allow children to guide their learning according to what interests them, or the questions they may post about the world around them. In my classroom I intend to promote critical thinking and creative solutions. As a way to promote this thinking I will take my students outside of the classroom to learn. I am passionate about cultivating a love of being outdoors and exploring the natural world. By allowing students to investigate in new and open-ended ways will aid in their confidence to learn more and give them a sense of empowerment. I believe in discovery as complimentary to my teaching practice.

I will assess my students in a variety of ways. Even though formal testing may be relevant, I intend to assess mainly through observation and conversations. Documenting these observation and conversations will be a widely-used tool in my assessment. I believe in discovery, as said earlier, and how children investigate, problem-solve and examine is different for each student. Differentiated assessment is just as important as differentiation of instruction. Assessing children according to their own capabilities and how they have grown as an individual is important. I also believe in individualizing assignment when there are students with exceptionalities. I will be teaching the curriculum is a way that all students can take part and be successful.

As an educator I would like to provide children with a sense of wonder and inquiry about the world. I would like for all students to gain a passion for learning that will go beyond their school experiences. I intend to teach the holistic child as in socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. I want to inspire my students to be the best person that they can be.


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