Knowledge is Power

Cute right? These students may not have the complete right idea about what Digital Citizenship but I think it is important to start teaching them the basics at a young age. Students are exposed to technology very early on in life and it needs to be addressed early on.

I was curious as to how Digital Citizenship was stated in the Saskatchewan Curriculum. I focused mainly on the Elementary curriculum but moving towards grade 6 and 7 as well. It was most clearly stated in the Grade 4 Health curriculum, as stated here. There are other ways in which Digital Citizenship can be demonstrated within other grades and curricular subjects. I don’t think that it should be limited to just health and just grade 4 because that is what it states in the curriculum. Many healthy outcomes talk about personal safety, making good choices and dealing with pressure and conflict.

I think that there are multiple forums in which Digital Citizenship can be talked about within the classroom. During times when students may be researching or using technology it is always important to go over some safety tips. Even those teachable moments that might arise when someone is talking about being on social media or got a inappropriate texts from a friend. I think students think teachers aren’t listening to their conversation, but we are, we hear EVERYTHING!

I don’t believe in Digital Citizenship being taught in just one way or in one subject. I think that it needs to be continually talked about because technology is everywhere. I think it is important to teach students the ways in which we can use technology for connecting, collaborating and learning in positive ways. In order to be able to teach this to our students we must be familiar with it as well. Students need to learn the importance of being a good Digital Citizen.

I think that this quote really important and something that we all need to remember when we are on the internet and social media forums. The website that I received this picture from has some good tips on Digital Citizenship.

I know from stepping into this class I have gained way more knowledge about the World Wide Web than I did before. I wouldn’t say I am tech savvy but I have grown up in a time where technology was quite prevalent, especially during my teenage years and onwards. I have learned not only about resources but the things out there that may be dangerous. The different social media forums such as Live Me, security hacks and things that I think a lot of parents and teachers are unaware of. Another thing that is tricky is the fact that technology is changing constantly. It is guaranteed that there is always going to be something new and exciting coming out. Everything changes so quickly now that, we as teachers need to keep up to date so that we can help our students to be knowledgeable and safe.


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