It is just not cutting it..

This week and mainly consisted of just more practice. I was able to get some more supplies. I got some watercolors because I think that this would help in giving me some more challenging aspects to work with.


For some of the hand lettering that I did this week, a few are done free-hand, and to be honest I am not very happy with how it is looking. I feel like what I am doing right now, by just copying pictures, it is not allowing me to truly learn how to do it. The Youtube video’s that I am watching are also not cutting it. I can watch what the people are doing but it is still copying just as I would if I were looking at a picture. So I did some more research and actually found a class on a website. You watch videos as a part of a class (it’s done at your own pace, no deadlines), BUT you also get worksheets to use to help with practice. The website is called Printable Crush and this is the link for the class.

Here is what I practiced this week!

These are done without copying.

img_3968 img_3967

These are done with copying.

img_3965 img_3969 img_3966

Stay tuned until next week!


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