The New Culture

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.        -George Bernard Shaw

Change is progress. I think that change in our society is a continuum, whether this is something that we like or not. I chose this quote because before this class I was a little against technology, especially the social media aspect of it. I was annoyed with people who posted on their social media all of the time, I was scared of what people would think of me and I was just so resistant to making it a part of my life.  After watching the presentations from Alec Couros and Michael Wesch, I believe that it IS our culture. It is something that I need to not only accept but welcome into my life as a way of connecting with others, learning from others and helping others.

Michael Wesch had some great ideas about how technology, had shaped our lives. I thought it was interesting when he talk about this change has lead to a celebration of new forms of empowerment, community and connection. This statement honestly changed my mind about the use of technology, it allowed me to look at technology from a new perspective. When I was searching for some resources I found this quote, which I immediately connected with Wesch’s statement about empowerment.


I am a quiet person and I believe that technology would have helped me with my voice while I was in school. I believe it is important to show students that there are multiple venues to to learn, to show their learning and produce change. Wesch also talked about that “it is not just about information but it is about linking people.” I remember having a Pen Pal in Elementary school, Pen Pals in 2017 can have a totally different media now. There is Twitter, Blogging, Email, and even Skype. There are so many other ways that students can connect with other students around the world. In another part of Wesch’s  talk he said “media as mediating human relationships.” Again, this blows my mind that our relationships with each other truly depends on social media and technology. Social media is honestly the only way that I really know what is going on with my friends. People announce engagements, getting a job, getting a new car, travelling somewhere new and the list goes on. I know that I sit with my Mom on a Friday night talking about what news we learned on Facebook that week. This is our life now.

Alec Couros shows us how social media has shaped how we live our lives. Couros says we are “born digital.” This is so true, I am amazed watching children play with devices such as an iPad or a phone and how quickly they can pick up on everything. My little brother who is eight has got into videotaping his finger skateboarding skills. It is something that just comes so natural to him.

Alex Couros simple equation of: Content + Tools = Culture

What we are posting and how we post it has truly changed and continues to change how we interact with the world. I got into powerlifting last year because of a Youtube. I was able to feel connected with these people from different parts of the world because of our common interest of powerlifting. I think that the fitness industry has grown primarily because of Youtube and social media. Fitness is the content, Youtube and Instagram are used as tools, which in turn, has changed how our culture perceives fitness. This has happened with multiple of hobbies and careers including teaching. It has and will continue to change how we teach and learn. I feel like I am gaining a voice and I am truly excited to take all the resources and ideas from what I have learned so far in ECMP355 into my future classroom to give my students a voice as well.


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