Practice, Practice, Practice!

I have to say that I am very proud of myself this week. My learning project has become something that I can’t wait to do each day. I am so excited to do a hand-lettering pictures and send it to my friends and family! Here is what I did this week!


So this week I did a different picture each week. I tried to use a few different kinds of lettering and backgrounds. I am just copying it from pictures that I have seen on Instagram and Pinterest. The profiles on Instagram that have been helping me out are @carolettering and @Lettering_With_Positivity.

I have also been watching several Youtube videos, the channels that I have been watching I mentioned in my last blog post. I am watching them and practicing just letters of the alphabet just like I did last week. I found a sheet that is actually like printing sheets, which I am practicing the letters in different fonts over and over again. It is definitely becoming easier. My goal for the end of the semester is to be able to do some of this free hand without having to copy from a picture.

I have also been researching some different tools that can be used for hand lettering. Lately I have been using just a pencil, Crayola markers and crayons. I have been looking at different water-color pens and brush pens, which I think will help me succeed in learning the proper techniques. I will be buying some supplies later this week and I will post about them!

My goal for the next week is to stay on track with what I am doing right now, hand-lettering everyday and practicing the alphabet in different fonts. I also want to bring in some sort of new media. I think I will try some watercolor!

Stay tuned!


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