My Challenge

So I have been having trouble getting my Learning Project off of the ground. It is not because I am not excited to learn hand-lettering but I was unsure how to get started. I went on Youtube to see what I could find and was immediately overwhelmed with the amount of content there was. It was awesome, but it was hard to narrow down where I wanted to start and what direction to take this. So I started with just slowly practicing some different fonts of hand-lettering. That was my task for this week! It went really well and inspired me to think of more ideas. Here are a few snippets of what I learned this week.

img_3882 img_3883 img_3884

I found this video on Youtube which I though would really help me keep on track and inspired with my Learning Project. Instead of doing it for 70 days I am challenging myself for the month of February to do an entry into a journal everyday using different hand-lettering techniques!

I have also found this channel which I have subscribed to and will be used quite often for ideas! She uses all kinds of different media to accompany her hand-lettering. This is something that I would love to be able to do.

There are some others things that I have been looking at as well and would like to play with some water color, and my love for photography which I will intermingle with my hand-lettering skills. So I have made a plan for myself (I love planning) for the rest of my learning project which you will have to stay tuned to see!



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