Tweeting on Twitter

So I have spent some time exploring Twitter and trying to figure it out. I will be honest and say that I feel super overwhelmed every time I go on Twitter. I think that is why I have never stuck to Twitter before. I have tried to use it numerous times and have always gave up. I have always heard from people “Twitter takes time, once you get used to it, it is awesome.” Well I hope they are right!

I decided that if I am going to give this a good try and make this work, not only for this class but for my future classroom, that I need some guidelines. These will hopefully help me get on track with Twitter as well as my blogging, looking at classmates blogs and the Google Community.

So here it goes:

-Check all social media once in the morning and once at night including Twitter, Google Community, Feedly and Blogs.

-Explore Internet for resources, articles etc. throughout the week.

-Work on my Learning Project for 15 minutes each day.

-Be positive!

Hopefully this will help me succeed! Stay tuned to see my progress!


2 thoughts on “Tweeting on Twitter

  1. I felt super overwhelmed when I started using Twitter as well. I think I started following too many people too fast — and combining that with not checking my feed enough — I was bombarded with all these posts that I couldn’t keep up with reading. For a while, I just scrolled through until I got to the top without really reading anything. It certainly takes some getting used to, especially people post a lot more on Twitter than they do other social media platforms.

    But now after a while of working with it instead of against it, I absolutely love Twitter. I check it numerous times a day, and am always getting amazing online resources, as well as other things to implement into everyday teaching. I promise you it does get better!

    Maybe what you can do is pick 10 people that you are following to focus on, See what types of things they Tweet about, and how that connects to you as a teacher. We don’t need to perfect everything right away! I am glad that you have given yourself an outline of things you want to accomplish to help you get more comfortable with online tools 🙂 @hoffman_april


  2. Thank you for the encouragement. I am slowly getting used to it. I just had to decide that I was going to work with it instead of against it as well. I am fascinated with the resources that you can get from Twitter!


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