Welcome to ECMP 355

So my name is Becca and I am currently in my last semester of the elementary education program at the University of Regina! I come from a very small town in Southwest Saskatchewan. I love living on the farm and being able to roam the outdoors at my leisure. I am an absolute animal lover! I was a dancer all throughout school and now I have become infatuated with powerlifting! For those who are not familiar with powerlifting you have 3 main lifts: squat, bench, deadlift. I have a very special little boy in my life who has been adopted into our family and takes up most of my free time away from school! I am also very passionate about being a teacher! I am so excited to be finishing up my degree in April so I can start doing what I love to do.

My welcome to ECMP 355 hasn’t been pleasant thus far, I am struggling with learning the in’s and out’s of the technology. BUUUT I am super excited to learn more about technology so that I can use it easily and properly. I think this is going to be an excellent class and I can’t wait to start my learning project!

My Twitter page is quite dull right now but I am hoping to spice it up a bit!



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