This picture was taken shortly after he said to me “I love being outside, I could just live out here.”

I think this is a prime example of how kids who spend time with nature, love nature. During the winter I noticed that because of the cold weather it was easier to stay inside. Staying inside usually meant watching T.V. or playing on the iPad.  As the days are now warmer we spend a significant amount of time outside. I see a huge difference in his temperament when we are outside than spending time in front of screens. When he is in front of screens he is more irritable and it almost seems like he is an addict who just can’t get enough.  When he is outside he is so much happier and is more engaged in conversation. I really notice the learning that takes place while being outside through exploring and discovery. 

Developing this connection with the environment through exploring and discovery is something that I really want to take into my classroom. I always felt like this would be a huge challenge but Morgan Bayda’s presentation gave me hope. The Little Green Thumbs garden in their classroom built a community. They are learning the facts about life cycles and what the garden needs to survive but they are also learning sharing, cooperation, patience and responsibility. I think this is an important aspect of teaching environmental education but also building good attributes within children. School has a huge impact on building character in children and I think that environmental education allows children to develop a deeper implantation of good characteristics in themselves. 

In the article by David Sobel I picked this quote “Suffering from the timesickness of trying to do too much too quickly, we infect our children with our impatience.” I think that as a teacher I will struggle with this because there is so much that NEEDS to be taught but when do we move away from this to allow children to be the leaders of their learning? I don’t want to infect children with impatience, I want them to explore and learn on their own terms. I want them to move away from the fast-paced screen play and be directed more towards the relaxation and peacefulness of nature. I want them to use their imagination and experience the outdoors with all of their senses. I want them to love and take care of nature.



One thought on “Exploration

  1. I liked the quote that you picked out. I think that most people, especially those in university can related to it. We all have so much to do, and it never seems like we have enough time. I always tell myself that walking through the green on nice days is equivalent to spending significant time outside, because that is all the time I have to spare in the day. It is easy to forget the importance of fresh air and as a student I tend to not care if I do not spend anytime outside. But as a future teacher I have seen the impact that fresh air and the freedom to explore nature in a positive way. The way you compared how a person acts inside compared to outside is very accurate. This was a great read and very truthful.


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