Food Inc. Film Review


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Food Inc is a documentary made in 2008 which brings awareness to to consumers about where our food really comes from. It looks at different aspects of large corporations such as food production, working conditions, exploitation of farmers and labelling. It also highlights why corporations are so successful because their food is cheap and accessible. While also outlining that because of this, people are relying on fast food or processed they are developing more health problems.

What really caught my eye about this documentary is the power that large corporations hold. The documentary talked a lot about how food comes from a mass producing corporations now. These large corporations have control and power over farmers in order to keep this status. Many farmers are scared to speak out against these corporations in fear of losing that income from them or suffering criminal charges. These corporations have also dodged many bullets when it comes to inspections and regulations. These companies do not want their secrets out about their methods of food production for a reason. The reasons of inhumane working conditions exploitation and mistreatment of animals.

This documentary has really opened my eyes to food production. I was aware of the treatment of animals to an extent but did not realize how terrible these conditions really were. I was sickened by the images of how these animals are treated by being kept in close quarters and filled with steroids or antibiotics. These factors are concerning in the health of workers as well as consumers. Everything that those animals consume, we are consuming. Something that really disturbed me was because these animals are in close quarters their feces get on each other which then can get in our food. As I watch this documentary I realize how much I didn’t know. What else don’t I know about my food?

Watching this film made me angry. It makes me angry because of the fact that it has come to this point in our world that these large corporations are able to take over like this. Nature has provided us with so many amazing resources and we have slowly moved away from. Not only are we not utilizing our natural resources there are now factories polluting our environment. Not only are we harming the environment but we are also harming ourselves. Health problems have become a result of mass production food products rather than locally based food products.

This documentary coincides with my Action Learning Project because of our loss of connection with food. We no longer know the taste of a real carrot because the carrots we buy in stores are so different than the ones we pick from the ground. I think it is important for everyone to feel a connection with nature and the food that we eat. I want to educate people about how this convenient way of life is interfering with our connection and our health. I hope to pass this information onto the adults in my life and eventually my students. We have the power to change this, even though it may not feel like it. We have the power to choose what we buy and what don’t. We have the power to make healthier choices.

This website gives the latest news on factory farming and food industry.


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