Ecoliteracy Braid

As I listened to the love letters, poems and songs I realized that everyone had a very unique way to presenting what eco literacy entailed. For my own love letter I wrote it for students or future generations that were eco literate and had started making changes. I wrote it as if they are stood up for the environment to stop the issues that were harming it. When I started doing the assignment I started with an angry poem. But then I realized that I wanted it to be more positive because I think sometimes I get stuck in the negative aspect of environmental education. Ecoliteracy is a positive start to make changes with future generations to start making positive changes.

Many people wrote their letter to someone special in their life or future generations. I think it is important to praise those who are trying to make a change. It is also important to look into the future as if teaching people eco literacy IS making a change. Ecoliteracy is something that will hopefully make everyone look at the present and see that what we are doing now is affecting our future as well as future generations. Jon wrote to his friend who is involved in community living. I thought Matt’s letter to his grandpa was very emotional and was a great way to show ecoliteracy not only for the future but in doing things in our everyday life.

I felt like a commonality between a lot of poems or letters was not to take all the environmental issues and try to change everything all at once. Many people looked at the things that they can do in their own lives and influencing others to make changes as well. I think part of eco literacy is doing our part in our own lives to help the environment.

I really liked the idea of people using poems and songs to express their love for the outdoors and the environment. I think sometimes that eco literacy doesn’t have to mean that you are knowledgeable about it but that you respect, and cherish it. Courtney’s poem about her love of the outdoors really touched me because I also have a love of the outdoors. Willow’s song was inspiring as well. It really made me think of the innocence of children and animals that being outdoors is such freedom. I think as adults we take that for granted and lose that appreciation because of our busy lives. We often forget to stop and appreciate what is right in front of us. You may not know everything about it right now but as you spend time with nature and take care of it, I believe that is the right path to being eco literate. Eco literacy isn’t always looking at the beauty of the world either. We must look at the ugly side of environmental education in order to maintain the beauty. During class we looked at the “Coyote and Raven Talk About the Land/Scapes” (O’Riley & Cole, 2009.) My group looked at the part saying:

“and which way    does birth happen

are we born old   filled with knowledge and experience

and spend our lives filled with ignorance” (O’Riley & Cole, 2009)

That really resonated with me because of how our lives changes from childhood to adulthood. Many would believe that knowledge should give us new perspectives and the true understanding of our surroundings, but that is not always the case. I think ecoliteracy is a complex concept and can entail many different definitions. But I feel like it can be simplified into the respect and love for our environment. Children start off with the love of the environment and we must foster that throughout their life. Fostering respect and the love for the environment is the first step in the right direction.






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