Problems and Solutions

My creative journal reflects our sharing conference that we had last week. It was interesting to hear the issues that we have in our world surround the environment. I also felt very overwhelmed how complex these issues are. It is scary how much goes on that we do not know about. I feel like our world is too concerned with productivity, efficiency and growth. It really bothers me that many of the natural parts of our world are being destroyed because of this. The coral reefs are dying, our grown food is being modified, the glaciers are melting and our resources are being depleted. In my journal this week I did a collage of environmental issues that I learned about in our discussions. I did a collage to show that these issues are continuous and overlapping. The issues that are going on right now are going to get worse and will eventually make more issues in the future.

I found myself very interested in the food aspect of these conversations mainly because I come from an agricultural community. This is an issues that directly affects me and maybe something that I can improve in my own life. It seemed scary to hear that strawberries are injected with fish DNA and all the aspect of our food that we don’t really know. I feel like negativity surrounds environmental solution but the last group that I sat in on seemed more like a solution. In the last of the conversation of the day I learned about Little Green Thumbs. It was a way to bring a garden into the school. I grew up gardening with my mom and dad and it was always so exciting to watch it grow, take care of it and then be able to eat it! We have a little boy that has sort of been adopted into our family and now I have continued that tradition with him. He gets to plant his own garden, water it, pick the weeds and then pick it and share it with the family. He takes such pride in his garden. I would like to take this into the classroom and share it with students who might not get this opportunity at home.




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