Am I Ecologically Literate?

Honestly I had never heard of the term “ecological literacy” before this class. I really had to think about if this term applied to me or not. I believe that I am someone who loves nature and appreciates the environment around me. I think becoming ecologically literate is a process, a journey that is always changing with new issues arising or new solutions that we should take on. As I look at our world I see that there are so many areas that we need to improve that it seems likes such a daunting task. I do little things that I can such as recycling, cleaning up garbage, saving energy and walking or riding my bike instead of driving. I feel good in knowing that I am doing what I can but then I think of the large corporations that take my little steps forward, two giant steps back by cutting down forest and polluting the air.

My journal reflected the lack or disregard for ecological literacy that we have in our world. It shows how I look upon our world and what I see that is happening. The hammer represents humans polluting, destructing and invading the environment. This hammer comes down upon our environment forcing the land, the climate and all life forms into chaos and destroying all that is in it’s path.

I liked our activity that we did in class on Thursday, just sitting still and listening to the world around us. I often do this when I am having a bad day or a stressful week, it helps me relax and clears my mind. For me it was easy to just focus on the things around me such as the cold of the snow, the clouds and the smell of the air. I think this is important because it connects us with our environment which in turn is also helping us. We often forget to stop and appreciate what is around us in our busy lives.

I hope I can promote ecologically literacy to others and get them onto a journey of eco-literacy. I hope that I can gain new knowledge, to explore my environment even more, and to be involved in the expansion of eco-literacy. I hope to influence students to become eco-literate in a way of creating respect and empathy for the environment through connecting with it in first-hand experiences.





One thought on “Am I Ecologically Literate?

  1. Becca, I totally struggle the way you seem to do. I try and calm myself down and meditate attempting to slow down my life so I can think about the aspects of our environment that I am effecting. I wonder, as a learning teacher, if we will ever be able to reach our students about this, especially in a time where efficiency and technology are so prominent.


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