Creative Journal #1: The Environment according to me..


The environment has always been place for exploring and learning. I live on a farm outside of a very small town. My parents were always taking care of the yard and my Mom always planted a garden. I have always been someone that likes to be outside. I live along a fairly busy highway so I would often take my dogs out for a walk through the fields and it was always very relaxing for me.  In the summer I often go for a bike ride as the sun is setting and listening to the frogs in the ponds in the ditches. I have lived in Saskatchewan all of my life and the views never get old. The world around us is full of beautiful things to appreciate and I would be devastated if that ever went away.

In my journal I talked about the environment being an important part of all living and non-living things. We must not take advantage of the resources that our environment offers but embrace what it gives us. By that I mean that we can enjoy our environment but also take care of it so that we can enjoy it for longer. I used the word ‘sustained’ in the colourful side of my globe to show the beauty of the world if we take care of it. The black and white side of my globe shows that if we use all of our resources in our environment that our resources and ecosystems will get drained. The environment holds so many new and amazing things to discover that we must learn and teach others how to hold on to that before it is too late. There are little things that we can do everyday to improve the condition of our world. We must look at the beauty of the world and connect with it. As future educators it is important for us to teach children this connection with the environment as well.




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